Piya Rang Kala by Baba Yahya Khan

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“Piya Rang Kala” the novel by Mohammed Yahya Khan is the story of a Sheesh Nag (the king of cobras). It is said that this mythic name is so fascinating in its beauty and colours that one cannot see it constantly. It begins to grow black in its colour and its eyes become white as it grows. Then, it makes its path whitish where from it passes. When it grows young, it has the capability of hanging itself into the air. Any one who happens to watch it, is charmed. Sheesh Nag of a hundred years changes itself into a man. Then numberless stories are generated about it.
Mohammed Yahya Khan has done a great favour to Urdu fiction by writing this novel. It has quite a different style reflecting the extensive experience and the ever flowing observation. Yahya Khan has the art of transporting the reader with himself and takes him wherever he likes. This novel has the events of a myth as well as the hidden psychological trickery of human psyche. It is also full of the wisdom of common life. Whatever experiments were needed to write this novel, and the flow of the pen to write such a story, was an action which could only be performed by a restless soul like Mohammed Yahya Khan.
Mohammed Yahya Khan is such a door which opens into a monastery. It is such a gushing fountain from which children peep into a temple. It is the eye of that blind mother who is trying to find her lost child with the tick-tick of her stick. Mohammed Yahya Khan is a spring that comes out of a grave making its silent way into the graveyard. It is such a curtain which a hysteric girl is trying to find life. Mohammed Yahya Khan is a zoom lens as well as an internet screen. If you want to know the future of Urdu novel, you may read this novel. You will, of course come to know about Mohammed Yahya Khan in the pages of this novel. May you live long! Mohammed Yahya Khan!Go on writing!
Bano Qudsia 
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Mumtaz Mufti

The excellence of Islam is that it is a religion that travels with time. Prayer is an important pillar which is performed by standing, sitting and traveling in the supersonic jet. This is a progressive and liberal religion.

Mohammed Yahya Khan is a Living Sufi who presents the modern picture of Sufism and Islam. His style is quite different.

He is a modern Sufi whose devotees are spread all over the world. “Lok Virsa” has also done much work on Sufism and has published books on it.

The books of Mohammed Yahya Khan present the modern concept of Sufism and Islam.

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